Self-Care for the Black Woman Entrepreneur

I joined the CareDeeply podcast, hosted by Wit & Grace Magazine, and I’d describe it as a form of radical self-care.

Recent events have me reconsidering what it takes to find peace and happiness as a black woman anywhere in this world. There may be safer spaces for us somewhere on the globe; if that’s so I hope I find that place sooner rather than later.

But until we can find peace geographically, we have to find it mentally and spiritually or else die. Unfortunately, that’s not hyperbolic at all. I wrote about the health impact on unique problems we face as black women, namely the microaggressions that also lead to a sub-optimal quality of life financially.

We still have a long way to go in getting black women professionals the same pay and resources that (white) men AND women get (although white women earn less than their male counterparts, their wealth far exceeds that of black women).

Speaking of microaggressions, it also takes the form of expecting black women to carry everyone else’s burdens. At the professional level, we sometimes feel our livelihood threatened if we refuse to take on the emotional labor of making our superiors comfortable and satisfied.

So becoming an entrepreneur can be are only escape, a way to produce something made for us by us. I talk about what it’s been like to rediscover myself through entrepreneurship, creating my own safe space and becoming more imaginative of how to invest in myself while creating value for others.

Click the link here to listen to the full podcast episode, and share your thoughts in the comments on this page.

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